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Seer Activity 

Welcome to the Seer Activity Database.

Here you will find information on any acitve Seers throughout the world along with files on past Stock forces. Seers are a new evolution of Stock, born shortly after the Leviathan splintered into thousands of Spires. They are incredibly powerful and unlike the earlier alien forces seen during the War on Form, Seers had individuality and unique personalities. 

You can take inspiration to create your own Seer, and upload its design so that others can be inspired. The Sine world is filled with dangerous forces spread across the planet and Seers are among the deadliest.
We aim to build the Sine community by creating a living world, where the enemies in one story can build the history of anothers.



Seer Database


Access to the Seer Activity database is currently inaccessible to those without proper clearance. By submitting Seer designs, you can help generate active Catalyst clones to fill the Archives. . 

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