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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

A Scientific community designed to help further the endeavors of scientists and researchers from around the world without the oversight of governments and third parties looking to take advantage of them.

A brief history on Chiliagon

If you had a cell phone from the passed decade you know Chiliagon. Hell if you have had any technology really. But let's get a little deeper into who they are, and what they have to do with the world we live in now. So we did some digging and here's what we found. Chiliagon was a privately owned corporation that was the leading experts in technological and scientific advancement. Marcus Kingwell, the founder, sought to try to push the limits of human excellence by pioneering tech that was years ahead of its time and by blending the concepts of technical and medical proceedings. In order to abstain from government oversight and regulation Chiliagon founded many private facilities around the world. Leading scientists and engineers fought for coveted positions among Kingwell’s staff, and working for Chiliagon soon became one of the highest prestige positions within the scientific communities. Between 2014 and 2015,Chiliagon stocks rose faster than any companies had done in history, with Kingwell being listed as the third richest person in the world by Forbes in 2016. In the last few years, you know before everything went to shit, Chiliagon was really changing the planet. Chiltech, the technology research and development branch of the company, pioneered the technology patents for almost every tech company, that sold us our laptops and smartphones. Chiliagon also flat out refused to sell to any military and kept a strict hold on their patents, but here's the cool part they still manufactured and distributed their intellectual properties for free when it was needed. Which means they would distributed medical treatments for people around the world that needed it but kept the patents under their control, so that people with outdated medical systems in their countries ( looking at you "greatest country in the world"), could still receive treatment without being over charged. They made a lot of enemies let me tell you, but what are you going to do when they were the best around?

Chiliagon and the War on Form

Much like when the Fire Nation did it, everything changed when the Stock attacked. Through several interviews with military personnel from both the Canadian and U.S forces I have been able to piece together some of what Chiliagon has been up to since the Stock invaded ( keep in mind most of this is conjecture based on accounts of several privates, corporals, and one sauced up captain). By now we know the Stock seem to be adverse to technology for some reason, at the very least we know that when they attack they send some sort of EMP to disable any tech before moving in. It seems that Chiliagon recognized this and by some accounts are running their facilities either in very hidden labs or at half power to avoid detection. I've heard several accounts of Chiliagon " care packages" sent to refugee camps or military bases through some sort of self propelled mini rocket ( listen I'm not a scientist) that was designed for short and quick bursts of activity to avoid Stock attention. These care packages vary in contents, from medical supplies, to survival gear, and even arms. I was lucky enough to be on site when a care package arrived, though I didn't get to see the contents I did see the projectile flying down toward the military base at high speeds and then slow its decent into a mildly gentle landing. It seems that in light of, well you know, the alien apocalypse, Chiliagon have rethought their stance on military involvement and have now actually brought in military personnel to collaborate with. Our one source says that Chiliagon has been helping wherever they can in Humanities fight for survival. Chiltech grade weapons started popping up recently and have helped save many lives while providing the brave men and women who are on the front lines with gear that could be the difference between life and death. Now I haven't been able to confirm exactly how they are manufacturing equipment, or where any of their secret facilities might be but we know that they are helping when and where they can. Before we wrap up, there have been whispers about Chiliagon that need mentioning. Some soldiers, many of whom don't even have a connection to one another, have mentioned several times about the Chiliagon " Catalyst Program". No one will tell me more about it other than it exists but believe me my dear reader we are going to figure out exactly what that program is. In times like these it is heartwarming to see companies like Chiliagon, Microsoft and Amazon all help out where they can. Chiliagon especially has already made a large impact on the quality of life for many refugees and on behalf of myself, Julia Chen and my readers I would like to say, Thank you.

Hope in Humanity

Haslan Hammoud '30'

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