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Welcome to the Catalyst Archive. 

Catalysts are genetically engineered super soldiers built and deployed by the company Chiliagon. Each Catalyst is based on one Unit and then cloned en masse. During the War on Form there were Six genetic bases for Catalyst Units. Now with New Age Catalysts there are many.
Here you will find a database of all the known Catalyst Units. You can take inspiration to create your own Catalyst, cloned from these Units or create a brand new unit and upload its design so that others can be inspired. The Sine world is filled with Catalysts, cloned faces spread across the planet and completing Chiliagon missions to help save humanity. 
We aim to build the Sine community by not only sharing our stories and adventures but by sharing our Character's base genetic codes! Now someone else can be playing a clone of your Character, continuing their legacy within the Sine world. 


Catalyst Database


Access to the Catalyst database is currently inaccessible to those without proper clearance. By submitting Catalyst designs, you can help generate active Catalyst clones to fill the Archives. . 

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