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Welcome to the Mission Archives. 
Here you will find a collection of active Squads within the world of Sine and a summary of their exploits. 

Each time a Squad is sent out on a new mission they are given an overview from their AI Handler and must periodically check in with Chiliagon. Their stories are catalogued here and shared to the Sine community so that each mission can be built upon by others. We aim to have Sine Campaigns feel like they are each part of a collective world that is brimming with Catalyst, Human and Stock activity. 
Read through the mission summaries of your fellow Catalysts and add your own adventures by adding a Summary of your Season, or Campaign. 
Together, Humanity can survive. 



Access to the Mission database is currently inaccessible to those without proper clearance. Submit Mission summaries of your Squads adventures to fill the database and share your stories with the community.

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