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Sine is a cinematic inspired roleplaying game focused on telling an atmospheric story with a focus on rich lore and storytelling. Sine asks players to explore humanity’s struggle to survive in a ravaged world destroyed by alien invasion and question what version of morality can survive in this deeply changed world.

Years ago, humanity was all but eradicated.

Like vermin, human life was exterminated at the hand of a powerful alien race, known only as the Stock. Without remorse, these faceless, metal-like creatures rained death down upon humanity in an era known as the War on Form.


For years, Earth fought a losing war. During these dire times, a tech company named Chiliagon bolstered humanity's defence with the deployment of Catalysts. Genetically engineered super soldier clones who already seemed to be built to fight off these alien oppressors. But ultimately, even they were no match for the Stock's might. Chiliagon fled, militaries disbanded and civilization, as we know it, fell.


For twenty years the Stock have reworked the face of the planet. Terraforming ecosystems to create lush jungles, dense forests, and rushing rivers all teeming with dangerous new wildlife. Those few who survived did so by carving out a new existence in the Wilds of a changed Earth. Forming small communities built within the decaying skeleton of past societies.


All the while, Chiliagon waited. Hidden away on a secret lunar colony, loyal Chiliagon scientists and AIs worked to improve their Catalyst agents. A few years ago the Revivification Initiative began and for the first time since the War, new Catalyst Squads were sent to bolster humanity's efforts to reform.


You are a member of one of these Squads and this is the beginning of your mission. You are here to help them, guide them, and fight for them. Always remember the Chiliagon mantra: The Earth In Mind…

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What Dice To Use

As an RPG, Sine relies on lower valued dice to simulate more realistic, dependable results, and allow for Players to focus on narrative choices instead of justifying the wild variances of chance.  Most Actions will be resolved by rolling a six-sided die and adding the outcome to a relevant Stat (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma).  The result of the die plus the relevant Stat determines whether your Character has done something well or poorly. 

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However, not everything is within your Character’s control and that’s where Luck comes in.  Luck rolls are done with a D20 and are used to determine a Character’s general fortune, or worldly events. Rolling a 1 is incredibly unlucky while rolling a 20 is extremely lucky.

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How to use Dice

Roll one D6

Add to Relevant Stat


Outcome equals the Quality of an Action


A critical failure that has a negative effect


Normally a failure, or an Action that would be very easy to achieve.


The outcome of an average, unskilled person performing a normal Action


A step above an average, demonstrating a certain amount of skill at performing an Action


A remarkable result that definitely takes skill


An incredible and inspiring Action, demonstrating mastery

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