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APOHC - A living Nightmare.

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

It is with great sorrow that I bring you all the news of the death of my partner Julia Chen, who died in pursuit of some of the photos you'll see throughout this article. She gave her life so that she could help in sharing news to an otherwise disconnected and lonely people. Through us an our Hope in Humanity she lives on. Over the last few months we have heard reports of people and sometimes even whole towns or communities experiencing " mass hallucinations". These hallucinations however always seemed to have one central theme: living nightmares.


Most of these accounts had come from people who had found a way to make it overseas, or traveled far north from central or southern America. It was only when we got into New York state did we hear of a recent account coming from the small town of Warwick, right on the border of what used to be known as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We drove down ( taking the scenic route to avoid any major cities and avoiding the gang controlled highways) to the town in hopes of interviewing people, or possibly getting a first hand account of what these strange events are. By the time we got close however there was a road block created by a group of heavily armed people calling themselves "Actual 1 ". The group appeared to consist of military personnel and some Catalysts who had fought during the War on Form a few years ago. They told us the whole area of the town is off limits, dangerous and that we should move along. Luckily one of the members of this group recognized us and offered to come speak with us at our camp we'd set up near the military parameter. She showed up accompanied by two of those huge Enforcer Unit Catalysts, and told us about The APOHC.

Workers cataloging the after effects of the Warwick APOHC Nightmare.

A Predator of Higher Consciousness or APOHC is a parasitic pandemic slowly spreading across the world. Because, you know, fuck us I guess. The first cases came out of south east Asia during the War on Form where whole towns suddenly went dark. It took months for the world's militaries to even figure out what was going on, as anyone sent to investigate was consumed by the APOHC themselves. Because this isn't your every run of the mill parasite, this thing can burrow into your brain and create mass hallucinations to everyone around you, forcing them all to live out your greatest fears. The Process of APOHC Here I will do my best to convey what was told to me, though my understanding of how all of this works is very limited. First the APOHC find a host, most likely through airborne transmission though that is not confirmed, and begins the process of devouring them from the inside out. APOHC feed on Neural Activity which it forces the hosts brain to release by stimulating parts of the brain to create a dream state in them. The APOHC forces the host into a coma where it filters through memories, fantasies fears to find what elicits the most brain activity. Trapped in this nightmare the host is slowly devoured, sucked dry of any nutrients as the parasite lives out its life. As the hosts body decomposes, small spores are spread from them that when ingested or absorbed by other people creates mass hallucinations. Other people, not even infected with the APOHC then start to live through the nightmare of the Host. Once the Host is entirely used up and the APOHC parasite has come to the end of its life cycle it spreads its offspring to a new Host, who then begins to create a new hallucination based upon their fantasies and fears. Whole towns can be consumed by the APOHC influence as the spores spread, keeping the people inside in a waking nightmare where they are never sure of what is real and what is not. People affected by the spores can loose all sense of themselves and reality as they live in this Nightmare day after day. Don't think for a second you can just brush it off as fiction and not be effected by the hallucinations, when everything around you is warping into a high budget horror film you'll believe it as much as the next person. One of the Enforcer units piped up at this point saying that he once saw a small forested community completely overrun by living corpses that would feed on the citizens at will. Our friend told us of entire towns and even small cities being completely consumes by, what they are calling, APOHC Nightmare, where the people inside are completely taken over by a new, horrific, reality. How To Stop APOHC. AVOIDANCE. Do not venture into known APOHC zones. There is no cure. No Vaccine. Even the Hazmat suits of the Actual 1 members we spoke to are not full proof, and incredibly hard to come by. If you think someone you know has been infected with APOHC, LEAVE THE AREA. Do not try and push through it or hide it from your communities. So far the only known way to end an APOHC Nightmare is to starve the parasite of its food source ( human minds) and stay clear of the area. This is what the Actual 1 members here are attempting to do, keep people from entering Warwick while slowly evacuating people stuck in the hallucinations caused by the spores, and abandoning the rest to their fate. The Catalysts seem to think that killing the original host will destroy the whole APOHC Nightmare but it is difficult to determine who that is or where they are before falling victim to the spores effect yourself. Also apparently the residents within can become hostile when you try to stop them playing out the hallucination, or move them. I cannot stress this enough: do not enter and APOHC Nightmare.

Images of black eyed and bloodied APOHC infected Warwick citizens

Apohc Host

After the Actual 1 members left Julia, and I to fester, in a state that would feed APOHC for a generation, we spoke about how important this story was to get out to the people, to make them aware of the new threat to humanity. As always Julia thought it important to have a visual representation for all of you, and despite insisting she not, she snuck into Warwick while I was out getting supplies. All of the images in this article are photo's found on Julia Chen's camera, that was recovered by a Catalyst squad and returned to me, five days after I came back to find our camp empty. With it she left me a note that I've transcribed for you, leaving out some sentimental details between the two of us.


" Hey Has, Okay so I'll be the first to admit this was a bad idea. But too late for that shit now, gotta move on Has, and these were some pretty important pics so that people know what we're dealin' with here. It's like fuckin crazy here dude. So I got into town and everyone is screaming and clawing at their faces, I was able to snap a couple of shots of the more docile ones, the ones that seemed to have tired themselves out. or had scratched away their fingers to nubs. -- -- After about a half hour in this horror show I heard this loud screeching coming out of the convenience store, and this gross bald thing with dried out skin walks out, on like skeleton legs ,and stumbles around looking around all crazy with these hollow eyes. I don't know but I'm pretty sure it was looking for me, I could just tell. Eventually it falls down and leans up against this wall covered in graffiti and just goes completely still. After like ten minutes I finally went up to it to grab a shot. I swear this thing was the original host. The APOHC ate this guy till he was almost nothing. -- -- It's chest just sort of caved in and dust flew up everywhere. I tried not to breath but it's like thinking of the pink elephant or whatever it is. Was... I guess. I'm infected. I know I am. My sight is already getting blurry and it's getting harder to write. Fuck me man, I'm sorry. I don't know if I'm going to end up like the rest of them or live out my own new nightmare but I can't kill myself. I tried right before writing this. Something inside me just won't pull the trigger. I'm going to set up my tripod and let it grab some shots of me while this all goes down. Write something nice about me yeah? Fuck. Hell of a last issue for me. -- -- Julia Chen"


Last Image of Julia Chen

That's it for me my friends. This was a hard one but don't think for a second it's enough to put me down. Julia died to get these stories out, to keep you all in the loop and in control and I will be continuing it on in her memory. In my parents memory. In my friends memory. In everyone's memory. -Hope in Humanity Haslan Hammoud


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