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Welcome Darcy

Hello again my fellow Survivors, Warriors, Friends and Humans. I wanted to take a small moment to introduce a new member of this Blogs family Darcy Daylon ( yes that's his real name and I realise we now have this alliteration thing going on) who will be taking over as photographer from our late friend Julia Chen.

Daylon isn't much for the written word so he asked me to write a brief introduction for him. Darcy grew up in Chicago and joined the United States Marine Corps at the ripe old age of 17 after losing his mother to cancer and having never really knowing his father. Proving himself to be a capable soldier he was quickly promoted through the ranks which landed him in some pretty dangerous positions during the War on Form. He fought alongside his fellow Marines and some Catalyst squads against the Stock almost always coming out the losing side. Over the last year Darcy watched as the America he used to fight beside and for slowly changed. America First The new doctrine of the American Government ( or what's left of it) started toting. Darcy saw as America closed itself off from the rest of the world, it's Canadian and Mexican neighbors being shunned in an attempt to protect American lives and American soil first, above all others. America First became what the country now stood for but not what Daylon stood for. " My mom always said that you we are all people under Gods watchful gaze and that we should look out for each other. It doesn't matter if you're white or black or nothin', you should always help, however you can" That's the sentiment Darcy came to me with. He told me that he left the Army in search of something new. Some way to help people the way is mother would have wanted. He and I met in a small town a two weeks ago and he told me he'd always had an affinity toward picture taking and asked whether he and I could work together. So I say again, Welcome Darcy Daylon and though you've traded in your rifle for a camera may your aim still be focussed on the darkness and your hope be the light of a better tomorrow.

Hope in Humanity -30-

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