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Everything we know about the Stock

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

10/10/2018 In March of 2018 massive objects appeared in the sky, hovering over us like the eager wolf stalking its prey. The Stock came down with powerful ease and changed everything we know about the world, ourselves and the universe.

Over the last few months I have been asking both refugee and military ( Chiliagon too) personnel about their experiences with the Stock and here's what we've been able to piece together. Note: much of the research into this piece is subjective, recounting from people and conjecture on my part. Appearance Now you might be thinking to yourself "surely a photo would best capture Stock appearance" and friend, you are not wrong. Unfortunately it seems as though cameras can't capture the image of the strange beings, always coming out as bright silver light instead. Plus my photographer Julia Chen was always a little too busy running for her life to snap some quick shots. We have seen a couple of different types of Stock. Firstly you may have noticed the giant Silver ship revolving around our planet like an enormous crow circling a corpse. One Chiliagon employee referred in passing to these as "Leviathan" though it's unclear whether that's just a cute Chiliagon nickname like they've been giving their Catalysts. Stock appear to be made up of two components, Silver and Charcoal. Each Stock has a bright silver armor making up their framework while their insides, much like their sinister intentions, consist of a pure black substance that moves on its own accord. The black ichor holds the Silver metal in place and appears to act as the joints for the Stocks movement. Standing seven feet tall, with broad shoulders, wide arms and long powerful legs, made from that impenetrable Silver armour. They look down at humans with sheen faceless masks of Silver and long, sharp spears in their hands. Their movements make no noise and they feel no pain. They are unsympathetic and completely silent in their eradication of human life.

How they attack Survivors from every major city attack say the same thing about how it went down, Silver light that neutralizes technology, Stock Warriors fall from the sky, and march through the streets killing anyone unlucky enough to cross their paths. It has also been reported that once finished with a city they focus their attention on culling human congregations with larger populations, moving outward from where they landed. Reports also show that the larger a group of refugees is the higher chance of drawing Stock attention. Now this is just speculation, it could be that just due to the size of gatherings it's easier for Stock to track but it's this Journalists opinion that they seem to be targeting larger groups over smaller ones as towns with smaller populations haven't even seen Stock activity. What's their goal/ purpose This more than anything unconfirmed and speculative but it seems to me that because they are only targeting humans ( animal life has been left alone) and driving us from our cities I think it has something to do with the effect humanity has had on our planets environment. Our Chiliagon source recounted a Catalyst op in Tokyo that saw the Stock in cities creating pools of Charcoal that slowly demolished the buildings from the ground up and swallowed cars and trucks whole. The Catalyst team noticed that from the Charcoal pools as it ate away at our our past it was releasing not Co2 but O2. Oxygen. They attacked our cities. The targeted us, the humans. Every time we gather they come again and now they are turning out cities back into the lifeblood of our planet. We have been saying for years before this that we were killing our planet. Well what if the Stock are the doctors that have come to save it. And we're the disease. Now even if that were true, do I believe that human life should be eradicated and that all of this was justified? Absolutely not. If this is true its not the responsibility of some species from out in the universe to fix it. It's our planet. Not these high and mighty assholes who think they know better. The Stock are murderers no matter what their intentions, and by working together we can take back what is ours. This is our planet, with all it's troubles and tribulations and it's humans who will fix our mistakes and save it. Together humans can do anything. Including getting rid of these Silver dick bags. Hope in Humanity - Haslan Hammoud '30'

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