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What is a Catalyst?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

02/08/2018 Genetically engineered clones augmented to push the boundaries of human capability bred for the specific purpose of combating Stock, and giving humanity a fighting chance in this War. If there was ever a doubt that these are strange times, that doubt is gone.

The Catalyst Program

Julia Chen and I were approached last week by a Chiliagon representative and asked whether we would like an exclusive interview with a lead scientist of the rumored "Catalyst Program". I believe the direct quote from Ms. Chen was " you bet your damn ass we do!". Chiliagon even said they would help us get this article out in digital format, as well as paper, because I know a lot of you don't have the access to digital media like we used to. Now some of the information we learned we can't write about here because it turns out there are some pretty nefarious people out there looking to screw things up for everyone, but here's what we did learn. The Catalyst Program is a Chiliagon collaboration program between many of their departments that encompass researchers working in cloning, genetic modification, behavioral psychology and about ten other departments with more confusing names. Pre-war the program was working mostly in theory, about cloning human subjects and modifying the embryonic genes to augment certain features. Using technology called CRISPR, a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. The protein Cas9 (or "CRISPR-associated") is an enzyme that acts like a pair of molecular scissors, capable of cutting strands of DNA. When these components are transferred into other, more complex, organisms, it allows for the manipulation of genes, or "editing. With this technology Chiliagon was able to do something pretty incredible. They made a damn Captain America. Scratch that, they made six, cloned them, and then mass produced them. Catalysts. But unlike the lowly Steve Rogers who just got a little needle while shirtless, these Catalysts are grown in secure Chiliagon facilities from petri dishes to fully augmented soldiers. The full science of this is beyond me and if you, my dear reader, understand half of what's been said so far I implore you to look for work with Chiliagon. Here's a bullet point version of how Catalysts are made ( explained slowly to me by a Chiliagon scientist)

  1. DNA of 6 human subjects were extracted.

  2. Key genes were reprogrammed in each subjects DNA.

  3. Augmented DNA is implanted in unfertilized synthetic egg.

  4. Embryo grown in AI managed facility with physiological programming

  5. Catalysts made ready for deployment

Enhanced speed, strength, agility and coordination Catalysts were made for fighting Stock.

Purpose and Objective Now some of you might be wondering, what exactly are these Catalysts meant to do and who's in control? Well our source says that Chiliagon has been working with several militaries across the world, but have stayed in control of their own work. Like their original ideology, Chiliagon isn't comfortable putting new, and potentially dangerous, tech into the hands of " people playing soldier" and have opted to run their own operations. Catalysts are broken into squads and sent to help bolster different military operations around the world in their combat against the Stock. Each squad has an AI ( artificial intelligence) handler that helps Chiliagon relay information to them about specific direction. It seems like there are six different units of Catalysts, one for each of the six original DNA samples they used. Then each unit was cloned en masse which means there can be 15 versions of one guy walking around. Freaky, I know. Each unit seems to specialize in different forms of militaristic necessities. Some are used as brute force to stand up against a Stock Warrior, and some used as explosive experts, some as liaisons between Catalyst and human. Our source tells us that Chiliagon is going to keep improving the Catalyst formula but have already seen some success in the field, though cautions our readers not to get too excited. Catalysts help, but the Stock are still more than formidable.

Human or Robot?

While speaking with our anonymous scientist we had an opportunity to speak with a Catalyst and to answer that very question, to which we say... yes and no. Catalysts are very much human, biologically, merely the most advanced version of a human. Our source tells us that all Catalysts are also made sterile so as to not pass on unforeseen and potential harmful genetic mutations through their lineage. You know, in case you were planning on doing the nasty with one, when you meet them.

I would say the experience was like standing next to a professional basketball player and looking in wonder at the ease of their athleticism. Only in this case, it would be the NBA player looking up in wonder. The differences between us, came from the personality and mannerisms of this augmented soldier. They didn't seem too interested in the interview and seemed a bit cold and distant, with a hint of disdain. Don't get me wrong, growing up in the span of two weeks in a glass tube has got to be pretty difficult so I sympathize, but if these Catalysts are truly the best hope for saving Humanity I wish they were a little more human.

-Harlan Hammoud '30'

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