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Lost but not forgotten

Hello fellow survivor, This will be short and to the point. Humanity has lost the War on Form. Every military contact we have made has told us the same thing: we have lost and the Stock have won. In our moment of need Chiliagon abandoned us. Marcus Kingwell discontinued the Catalyst program and has disappeared. Any remaining Catalysts, and human soldiers have been given orders to disband and protect local residents. Human civilization is over. But humanity, is not. If you are reading this I urge you to stay safe. Survive. work together with each other to rebuild and unite. The massive Stock vessel in the sky is gone and our planet is changing but we are still here. The Stock may think they have eradicated us but we are still here. Together we can take back our planet even if it takes years.

Julian Chen and I will continue to pass along information as best we can. How frequent that will be is undetermined but I promise you that we will continue to try. Survive, dear reader. Live, fight and most importantly, remember. -Hope in Humanity- 30, Haslan Hammoud

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