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Our Cities Fall

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

07/07/2018 Cities around the globe suffer the same fate as silver energy from the sky reigns destruction and terror down upon them.

Invasion of the "Stock"

On March 11th 2018 at 2:34pm Tokyo, Japan was engulfed in a massive Silver light from the sky disabling any and all technology. Reports say that within moments of the beam, massive beings made from some kind of silver armour appeared from nowhere and started killing without reproach. We called them the Stock. At 3;01pm Jakarta, Indonesia was experienced the same thing. At 3:27pm Delhi, India. After that it was harder to keep track of the exact time cities fell. The War on Form started shortly after New York fell. I remember I was visiting my sister in Toronto, Canada when all the windows of her West End home blew out, broken glass flew like knives across the living room. I remember seeing the smoke rising up from the skyline of the city with the distant screams wafting around us like a cruel breeze. I remember watching in horror as neighbors, and friends, were impaled by spears wielded by seven foot tall monsters. I remember my sisters last words.

But I don't need to tell you this, I'm certain you remember. That your nightmares are filled with images of days just like it and harder one that came after. I'm certain you remember the last whispers of a dying friend, sibling, lover, child. Well I wanted to tell you that you're not alone, friend. All around the world it seems that people have been going through the same thing, and fighting to live on. My photographer, Julia Chen, and I have spent the last few months travelling around to different refugee camps across North America to hear peoples stories and hopefully pass those stories on and spread information to more survivors.

So here's what we know so far. In a twist that only Alan Moore could have predicted and alien being known as the Stock invaded earth. Targeting cities across the globe the attack pattern was almost always the same, a Silver beam of light disrupted and destroyed technology, and was followed up by Stock ground troupes making their way through the cities, hunting and killing any survivors. Stock hunted people down relentlessly. A woman from Milwaukee told us she and her family were pursued for almost two weeks as they drove north, and there have been other such situations. Just because you don't see them, don't assume you're safe! Last week we interviewed General Cameron Grechan of the United State Marine Corps at the Gale facility working as a joint operative barracks for Canadian and American military personnel. We weren't allowed a whole lot of freedom within the facility but the General was pretty open to talk. He told us that our friends across the ocean are going through much the same thing and some countries have banded together to try and combat the Stock but haven't seen much success. We've reached out to some contacts in Germany to follow up on General Grechans remarks but, with how communication networks are right now, haven't heard anything back. He ensured us that the U.S. Military was mobilized across the nation in skirmishes with Stock forces though they too were having trouble, and that massive amounts of firepower was necessary to take down even one Stock giant. At this time in the interview a woman named Private Callaghan spoke up about someone called "Catalyst" engaging with Stock forces but was promptly silenced by her commander. General Grechan then told us there are "big changes coming to the way America is handling [ this], and [ people] better be on the right side of the border soon". He wouldn't tell us any more on that remark and got a bit agitated when I pressed him so I decided to drop it. The Generals advice for people was to stay safe, stay together, and look out for one another and this journalistic duo couldn't agree with him more on this. It's a dangerous world right now but we will get through this together. Hope in Humanity. -Haslan Hammoud, Julia Chen '30'

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